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Our Services!

We offer other Services such as Microchipping and Spaying/Neutering!

Also, check out our blog!


Our Spaying service is fast and easy, not to mention we offer around the clock care for your dog upon pick-up! We have a veterinary of choice that offers exellent service!

The average price for a neuter/spay is around $300 (depending on dog's weight/size)



We offer a quick and easy microchipping service! We use AVID microchips!

The average price for a microchip is $90 (Every Holliday Season We offer specials that'll knock price down to $50!)


Blog: Click HERE to view our blog!

We have a Blog that will be updated weekly! Our Blog will be filled with tons of important and knowledgeable information about raising/training/taking care of your labrador puppy, or any breed of puppy!