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  Adult Labrador Retriever  




Adults From The Past


Posh Cream English Labrador  trained labrador adult  Black American Labrador Adult Los Angeles  Saphron fox red labrador adultPosh       Riley       BeBe     Raja

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  Socal Labradors realizes that not every family is ready for a life with a Lab puppy, there for we offer professionally trained Adult Labrador Retrievers. Most of these Dogs are Retired Members of our Dog Show Campaigns, and/or our Breeding Kennel. These dogs, (most of which WE bred here) have earned retirement, and would be a great addition to your busy family. He/She will be waiting at the door when you come home. The Puppy stage of Chewing, and digging are no longer an issue, and your love is all they want.  In a few short days, your trained adult Lab will feel right at home with you. Your new friend wont be having the Puppy accidents because they will never forget the years of training they received here.  We suggest that you continue the proper diet and exercise program that our dogs have grown accustomed to here in our Southern California home.